Short Bus by Filter

Limited edition, first-ever signature pedal by Filter

True-to-album sound based on original gear

Includes signed certificate of authenticity

  • Price $ 249.99

This is a pre-order, pedals ship Spring 2024. 

Celebrate the 29th anniversary of Filter's iconic album with our original sound!

Also available: Stage Played Short Bus pedals from our Euro '24 tour

Meticulously recreated with Richard's original gear from his mom's basement, the pedal brings you the legendary tones of Short Bus.

Get ready for an intense preamp experience with mind-blowing high-gain for the ultimate industrial magic. The BASS, MID and TREBLE knobs give you huge versatility and the pedal comes with a bonus internal switch for an additional playing mode.

Each pedal comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Richard.

The limited series is built in the EU with high-end audio components and is individually guitar-tested for perfection.

Explore the tone


GAIN sets your pre-gain, there is a mellow crunch, but just set the brutal distortion. We recommend that you balance the setting with your DRIVE and VOLUME controls of Overdrive section control as these controls interact like moths to a light. 

BASS MID and TREBLE have a similar response to an amp

BASS boosts or cuts your bass.

MID affects your mids.

TREBLE controls the amount of higher mids and treble in your signal.

As always, start with these controls at 12 o’clock and tweak them until you hit the sweet spot. You’ll get the best results with a clean amp channel or a crunch channel set to low gain.

VOL control sets the output volume of the pedal. 

PREAMP stomp switch activates the Preamp section and it has an LED indicator. There is an internal switch that allows you to run your pedal as a preamp or in front of the amp. Up is for the preamp and down is in front of the amp. Use a clean 9V DC center negative power supply adaptor or preferably a battery.

Voltage is internally transformed to higher voltage that is needed for the authentic tube-like tone.

Do not use more voltage than 9V DC, it will damage the pedal.